A hilarious and thoroughly uplifting new play about relationships, which has all the ingredients of a great comedy... clown, bouffon, vaudeville and slapstick! With a sprinkle of drama and a splash of tragedy, this cake... I mean pizza, is ready to eat.

The Affair is a timeless comedy that depicts the highs and lows of relationships in a very funny way. With each character bringing a different light to the story, there is plenty for the audience to relate to and be amused by.


The Story begins with Gustavo, who is getting ready to ask a very important question, but not before he has checked everything on his 'to do' list.  After Daffadowndilly's arrival, what is supposed to be a romantic evening soon starts to spiral out of control;  following a knock on the door all reason turns to mayhem, and we are faced with a scenario that leaves not just Gustavo in a frenzy, but all three characters grappling for sanity.

The Affair is a wonderfully funny play... a laugh a minute, simply, unmissable!

Bookings are now being taken for the Spring 2020 Tour.


Images from the production in 2015